MS Office alternatives

At 10:36 AM 3/5/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Ever try 602TEXT [602 suite, actually] It's free and it works on Word and

Yup, evaluated the spreadsheet component as an Excel
replacement. Unfortunately, its MS compatibility is sorta' weak.

Problems I ran into:
* Saves everything in an old format, Excel '95 IIRC. Would just "throw
out" newer features & data without warning if someone opened a sheet with
newer features and re-saved it.
* Online help stinks.
* Crashes and / or hangs when opening some Excel files, especially on large
files or ones with many worksheets.
* File open & save dialogue boxes are very awkward.

It would be nice for a home user that occasionally needs a very basic
spreadsheet, and isn't concerned with backward compatibility with MS
files. Or someone with a slow / old PC (it does run nicely on slow
PCs.) But it's not really adequate for professional use where MS
compatibility is important.

I've heard its word processor is more impressive, but haven't tried it myself. / StarOffice v6 are much more worthy competitors, but don't
run very well on slower PCs (at least with Windoze.)

-Wayne Cox
Twenty Three - Information Technology Consulting