MS OneDrive

Does anyone know what happens if I have a corporate provided OneDrive on my local machine (that is set to store all files locally), and then corporate closes/disables your account?

Does OneDrive (on my local machine) do a credentials check, and if it doesn’t pass, prevent access to the files on my local drive?

My case is that I have a OneDrive account provided to me by the company I was consulting for, and may have some personal files -mostly general Epicor things, notes, exported BAQs, etc… Nothing that I’d consider company IP. Do I need to copy/move them out of OneDrive before the company disables my account?

If i were you I would move all personal stuff out of there… :smirk:

make a clean exit !



If the file are local they will be kept. But if you are using the save space feature and the files are downloaded on-demand you will lose them. I would copy out anything you want though.

My question was more out of curiosity. Like if in a “disgruntled employee” situation, if the company could “disable” that IP. Not that the employee couldn’t have made copies before.

And I’m not disgruntled. I never burn bridges. The amicable separation when I initially left (was “downsized”) the company , is what got me the consulting gig with that same company.

They could use Azure Conditional Access and prevent storing stuff locally. So if the disgruntled employee were to be terminated they could just disable their Microsoft 365 account and that would lock them out.

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disabling access is one impersonal automatic step triggered by HR for us.

Done after separation if volantary, during the meeting by yours truly if involuntary.

Just a box to tick. Don’t think OneDrive can enforce remote delete but users simultaneously lose domain access on their machines, if any, and we “don’t allow” installation on personal machines.

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Unless the drive is encrypted, or the files are not stored locally, the files are always accessible.