MS-Project import to EPICOR Project

Looking for experience(s) with the import/export of MS-Project to EPICORE; a “clean” method for translating such that both EPICOR and MS-Project are similarly structured, one augmenting the other.

First attempt at exporting the EPICOR data occurred today; the resulting MS-Project file a far cry from that in EPICOR; the hierarchy of phases and jobs in exported file were lost.

I have a document I wrote for this. I can post it to the group

If you are using a new version of MS Project you will have to set it to
allow previous versions

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yeah, that ‘setting’ has already been done for the v10 of MS-Project in use.

Import_export_MS_Project.docx (844.5 KB)

I know you cannot have blank dates and blank resource dates. Try the import file and see if it helps

Thanks. I’ll look it over.

Hello Mark,
I am working in Epicor 10 presently and looking to import an MS Project file into Epicor. Found your document as a reference and an working through the configuration of the MSP file export now. Wondered if you have any instructions as to format of the input file that support Creating WBS Phase jobs as part of the import of a new project into Epicor. I have not been able to locate any Tech Ref guide for the PM module that would help to explain this feature.