MS-SQL conversion

Just a thought ...

When Vantage switched from Novell to NT EPICOR did not offer to pay for the
NT license. It seems likely that when they switch Vantage from the
Progress database to MS-SQL server that they will not pay for the license
for MS-SQL either. ( Word on the street from several sources is that it
will happen within 2 to 3 years. )

Ok, not much we can do about that ...

However, if you know anyone who is thinking about buying Vantage I would
think this would be a terrific condition to add to the PO:

"In the event that EPICOR decides to switch to MS-SQL, or any other DB, as
opposed to using Progress EPICOR aggress to pay the full license fee for the
new database and any conversion support required."

I love conditions like that on P.O.'s.

Don't you ?

Todd Anderson
J. Rubin & Co.