MSDTC for dynamic query

For complicated reasons, it seems like a configuration needs an additional SSL port opened on the server where one of two Epicor app servers is running. Suddenly that makes almost all uses of the dynamic query BO fail throughout the system, with an inner exception saying that MSDTC needs to be enabled.

Any clues what might be going on? More details available if needed, but I don’t want to swamp the post with unnecessary info if anyone knows where the investigation should go.

MSDTC is required when you have 2 or more connections to the database in one transaction.
I don’t see how this happens in your case. What is additional SSL port?

Actually it seems that was a false trail. The problem is more likely that a BPM is firing twice in quick succession and that’s what needs preventing. It was coincidental that someone had changed SSL ports and certificates just when the complaints started.

Probably you open new DB connection inside it. You need either share one connection or suppress transaction.

This is a BPM calling a Function, and it’s the Function that has the problem.

@Olga - is there a limitation on a BPM calling a Function, and that function then uses a business object to access the DB?

Sorry, I don’t know. But here are many people with experience in Epicor functions.