MSSQL Replication Options (Redux)

I asked this question previously and didn't get a bite, so I'll ask

I need to get a copy of the GL-related tables in my 8.03.405/MSSQL
2005 database to a remote location to enable an Excel-integrated
reporting tool to work more easily for users at the site.

I've gotten Snapshot-based pub/subscribe working, but that requires me
to replicate the entire data set for every update. The gljrndtl table
is going to get quite big eventually and that's just a waste of
bandwidth and the latency of the updates would make the users sad. If I
had a WAN acceleration solution in place I could probably live with this
since most of the bits would be the same and would stay in the cache,
but I don't have budget for that. MSSQL also gives some options to
compress the snapshot files when transferring via FTP, but still its

I've tried Merge replication, but MSSQL needs a GUID column added to
the schema to keep track of changes, and this immediately breaks GL
updates when you add the column to gljrndtl (causes the appserver to
crash). If I remove the replication-related changes to the schema
things start working again, so clearly this is not an option. If it
wasn't for the fact that it breaks Vantage, Merge replication works real
nice. J

Transactional replication requires a PK to be defined in the schema,
and Vantage doesn't keep any of its schema details in MSSQL and I'm
loathe to go down that road given the issues created by Merge

What options does that leave me? Reportedly there's a replication
server with E9. I don't see that explicitly on the DVD but I haven't
looked too hard. Could I use that with a V8 system?

This should be relatively simple, but Vantage doesn't play along with
MSSQL very well.



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