Multi-Company In-transit Time

For those using multi-company, how do you handle longer in-transit times on the sales order from the supplying company?

We supply items from our US company to an EU company typically via ocean container shipments and it takes a while for the items to get there. The only option from Epicor’s standpoint seems to be to update the ship via in the US company. Then if there’s a change because of delays in manufacturing in the US company, it makes it interesting to keep up with in the EU company as to when items may actually arrive.

If we need to update due dates, we change the SO with the new date, then send a change suggestion for the PO, and finally accept it which will change the date on the PO. Or at least we try to. It’s not straight forward and creates issues sometimes.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll share with our team and see if that’s a process that might work for them.