Multi Company set up for Multi company Direct

I am trying to understand what I am missing I have look at the Multi-company Consolidation Definition, Rate Type, consolidation type, External company setup and so on.

The book is important, as well as the COA in Main Book, Consolidation Book
Source Company and Target Company.

I have one company working were the consolidate transactions will go up to the Parent (Corp) and the transactions will show in the Journal Listing for Multi Company.

The other companies do not.

any ideas

I am stuck.

Than kyou
Linda Ballard

Hello Linda,

I’m experiencing a similar problem using the multicompany direct transfer. I’m unable to get the target book to appear in the consolidation definition for a new company yet have it working for several existing companies. Did you get your issues resolved - if so how?

Stephen Teakle

Hi Stephen
You may need to set up a new consolidation definition, it all depends on set up.
Yes after working with Epicor we dicovered some bugs with Multi company continous process.
The Book IDs need to be matching for one.
Example: Main Book, cannot be ABC Main Book in one company and the others all Main Book.
The consolidation book IDs must be in alpha order
Example: When I used INTER for a consolidated Book ID it would work properly for consolidation because this was before MAIN so when testin I entered ZINTER and then it worked.
If you are using continous process there are other issues with having more than one book. If you are using Periodic, you should be okay.

Thank you for your input Linda. I’m using periodic process but still having no joy so have logged a ticket with Epicor.



Hi Stephen

Good luck, I hope they can help you.


hello @stteakle
Did you get it resolved?

Because we are facing the same issue.