Multi Resource Scheduling Board Dates?

Anyone have any idea why the Multi-Resource Scheduling Board would have the Date fields grayed out? My planner swears up and down it was working last week, but today she can’t select dates (and neither can I).

On the landing page? If yes, I can edit them in my system, they are not greyed out.

They are grayed out in Classic (landing page). They are NOT grayed out in Kinetic. These folks are completely wedded to Classic for now (customizations up the wazoo that they need to get updated)… I’ve got a ticket in so I’ll see what they say.

I just checked our Client and they are not greyed out.

yeah, the two other systems I have access to are also not grayed out. I’ve stumped the first level Support rep, it’s on to the Technical Team now.

“Do you have any Customizations?”

“Did you try it in Base mode?”

:laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:

… and the support rep was one I’ve dealt with before, he knows his stuff and this was just outside the normal wheelhouse.

another kicker is that their PILOT system has all the same customizations and the date fields are available for entry in that environment.

Turns out somone had checked the “Read Only” checkbox at the bottom of the Classic Menu Maintenance window. Once unchecked, everything worked just like it was supposed to. Epicor Support’s LONG list of things to look for included that, otherwise I’d still be beating my head against my keyboard.