Multi Resource Scheduling Board reconciliation

Epicor version 9.05.701

I’m trying to reconcile the list of jobs that the multi resource scheduling board produces.

I assume it firstly only looks at open jobs, but what else is the criteria?

Many thanks in advance.

MRSB in TEST…agreed 845 jobs.

Actual Job criteria breakdown, using table JobHead
only look at company Prior. (JobHead.Company)
only look at open jobs. (JobHead.JobClosed)
only look at jobs not complete. (JobHead.JobComplete)
only look at jobs engineered. (JobHead.JobEngineered)
only look at jobs with a start date. (JobHead.StartDate)
only look at jobs where qty completed doesn’t equal the prod qty. (JobHead.QtyCompleted vs JobHead.ProdQty)
only look at jobs where qty completed is less than to produce qty. (JobHead.QtyCompleted vs JobHead.ProdQty)

Applying the above then reconciles back to 845 Jobs (back to your MRSB list).