Multi Site management in Vantage 6.1

I'm 99.9% sure this is working (or not working) as designed but thought I would ask anyway.

I have two companies in a single database and have set up intercompany trading. Company A takes an order from a customer. Company A then enters an intercompany PO to sister company B. The ship to address on the PO is entered as the end customers address since Company B is going to drop ship to this customer. So far so good.

When I go to Order Entry in Company B and select Linked Sales Orders I see that the PO is waiting to be reviewed from Company A. If I click the PO Shipping Address button I see the correct address. However, I have no way adding this as the ship to address for this sales order. If I accept this order and then try to ship against this order the ship to address is the Company A address not the drop ship address for the customer.

My guess is that the developers didn't design for the possibility of drop ships with intercompany trading. Anyone else run in to this scenario? If so, how did you address? Also, anyone use intercompany trading in this manner with any version of Epicor above Vantage 6.1?

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