Multi Tenant SaaS - In Transaction Directive Option Disabled

Working with a client to test their 10.2.400 upgrade in Pilot - they have existing In-Transaction Data Directives on 10.2.300 that are no longer available/visible/maintainable on 10.2.400

Are MT customers restricted from this capability?

Odd it should be enabled according to their 400 Cloud Guide

Two levels of Business Process Management (BPM) functionality are available - a base level and an advanced level.

Any users who have menu access to BPM can use the base level BPM functionality to create Method and Data Directives. The BPM standard interface uses design elements and their related method parameters, variables and action items calling the ERP business objects within the context of the tenancy of the user. Most common business requirements for reading and writing data can be accomplished by using the built in interface.

The base user is restricted to using elements which do not have a freeform C# code editor, and from using freeform code in the base processing tab (even if called from an pdatable BAQ).

Users with Advanced BPM rights can access the additional design elements which enable freeform C# code. Advanced BPM User rights are NOT available to Epicor Cloud ERP - Multi-Tenant users, as freeform C# code may introduce a security risk for access of data outside of the tenancy.

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Yes - I reviewed all the guides and saw this entry, but In-Transaction is definitely not available. We have submitted a support case to find out if this is now another limitation or just some issue in the environment. I will update my post once we clarify.
Thank You!

Official correspondence from Support:

In regards to the issue here, firstly, we apologize that you are experiencing this issue within our Epicor application. This is a known issue in 10.2.400.0 and is being worked upon by our Development team on a High Priority.

However, this issue will be resolved in the 10.2.400.2 update that will be applied to your Pilot instance on Tuesday the 7th of May.

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