Multi-tier discounting

Need your input people! We have a situation where we do multi-discounts on certain orders. We have a discount prices structure set up where we have a discount, then can give an additional discount based on a certain program, etc.

An example would be:

Item A has a normal discount of 50% and we use a discount price list for this. Then, we might give a 5% additional discount because it’s January.

So it gets discounted like this -

Item A has a sale value of $1,000. 50% of that would bring it down to $500. The 5% discount is then calculated on the $500, not the $1,000. So the additional 5% would be $25, not $50.

Does anyone do any discounting like this? If so, how are you doing this? We have a customization written to do this, but it’s very slow and needs to happen in the quote as well as in Order Entry and Shipping. Looking for some insight on what others are doing to handle this. TIA!!

I don’t know if it is possible to do it in the base system, but have you tried optimizing the customization?

My first thought was “well you could check additional discounts and calculate them, in this case it would be 52.5%”