Multicompany - User already connected

We have an SDK environment that looks like it is set up for multicompany and is causing conflicts with our Production multicompany settings. The server log error messages in the SDK environment is below. The error message seems to be pointing to our Production multicompany appserver. How do we disable this in our SDK environment so that the logs don’t get filled up with these errors?

[17/08/15@14:55:41.713-0500] P-007684 T-006748 1 AS – (Procedure: ‘handleError jms/impl/errorhndlr.p’ Line:165) javax.jms.JMSException: [129] progress.message.client.EUserAlreadyConnected: Administrator/$DURABLE$APP045P$MultiCompany|905702|APP045P|410

You can go to System Management - External System Integration - Setup - External Company Maintenance and search for your external system (Multi-Company). Once you find it you can remove it or just go to connection and remove the app server references.

In Production, the connection is pointed to the task agent server. I would have expected it to point to the multicompany server instead. I will take a look on the SDK environment to see where is being pointed.