Multiple Charges Credit Card

We are using Manifest and adding shipping charges to the pack, rather than the order in most cases. When we have customers who pay using Credit Card, our current process would have us pre-authorize the card in the amount of the order. When we tack on shipping charges at the time of shipment, it ends up causing two charges on our customer’s credit card.

I have figured it out to be because at the time we ship the order, the card is billed. It creates a “deposit” transaction that consumes the initial authorization amount, and then a “sale” amount that has the remainder, which is almost always a shipping charge. If the actual billed amount matches the authorization, just one transaction is created.

Has anyone else approached this issue and solved it? What did you do? I have several ideas but I would like to understand from the more experienced folks some different strategies.

This is likely a settings issue. Some payment gateways do not allow for a differing capture amount which it sounds like is the problem.

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