Multiple plant setup on parts confuses Crystal

I've been working on a report that gives each plant their total cubic
feet shipped daily/weekly/monthly/yearly (cubic feet is our universal
UOM as we use EA, BF, MB and LF and convert them all to CF). The problem
I am having is with parts that are associated with more than one plant
because they were transferred from plant to plant at some point in time.

Crystal does not know what to do with some of these parts and although
it reports the shipments under the correct parameter-selected plant, it
adds the "other" plant to the end of the report and duplicates BOL's
already previously reported. I can choose to ignore it but I'd like to
get rid of it. Seeing as how you cannot select a PRIMARY PLANT in
Vantage, how else do you keep Vantage reports honest? Is this a "select
distinct" sql statement I need to add somewhere to the report?


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