Multiple Server Bindings

Can I have both of these active?

We use the HttpsBinaryUsernameChannel to allow certain users to bypass SSO.
I want to activate the basicHttpBinding for use with our integration tool with SalesForce.

no, only one binding per scheme is possible.

Bummer. Thanks Olga.

You can have multiple app sites pointing to the same db and even have them share the same app pool so no increase memory pressure.


Two sets of web.configs and duplicate Bin folders (The web.config can point to a common Assemblies folder).

The tooling really doesn’t play nice with this - it assumes different app servers all together - but I use this format all the time to try things so if you don’t mind doing the automation yourself… (Take a look at the command line tools in the docs and it’s always a good time to learn some PowerShell).

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REST folder should also be duplicated I think.

not in previous testing but something we need to confirm. I just needed to make the reference in web.config point to the common area.

hmmm… I smell a blog post. Must play…

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