Multiple Sites

Can we create the below-mentioned things Site wise and it should not be visible on other sites

  1. Customer
  2. Suppliers
  3. Sales Order
  4. Purchase Order

Thanks in advance.

Not without a lot of customIzation.

User accounts can be site specific, but they can still see info from other sites.

Hi Hari,

We do not do this, but I have accidentally wandered into having an error with it. Sales Territories can limit users to only see their sales data. I am far from expert on it, but perhaps you can read up on it here and in the Epicor help files. It might get you closer to what you want. Here’s a start: Salesperson Workbench and Territory Security


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A point on the supplier/PO part. By default when you are creating PO’s it will default to the current site. the user is logged into. So if you have a consolidated purchasing team for all sites they need to be aware of this and change site when appropriate or override the site details in the releases. If it is not picked up they will not be able to receive it into the correct site.

I do recall doing a customisation that when you changed the site button on the header of the PO it ran through all the release lines and updated them to match the header. Once the users understood what they needed to do it got used less and less.

Hally - Is a user is not given access to a specific site (via Authorized Sites under Company settings in User Account Maintenance), would that restrict you from selecting a sites you’r not authorized in on a PO?

For example, User is authorized for sites A and B, but not C. And launches PO Entry in site A. On the Header sheet, they can click the Site Button to search for a site. Would Site C show in the results? And similar for the Site/Warehouse section on the Release sheet.

Hi @ckrusen ,
In that situation all those users had access to all sites because they were raising them on behalf of each site.

With regards to your example, I can’t really remember, but the big issue was the fact that if they were logged into the wrong site in the first place it would result in wrong site on the release…The users would put in a large number of lines the notice, then it became a pain to change. The customisation was a bit of a “tail wagging the dog scenario”.

I had the same exact issue, but more so on Sales orders. Added a dropdown with all the sites, and a button to “update” the “ship from” on all open releases.

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Good Morning Hally / Calvin,

We enter sales orders from multiple sites. I didn’t see it in your write up and wanted to note that Product Group has the ability to provide a Sales Site. This makes a world of difference for us since we have order entry in various sites but sell particular product lines primarily from one site.


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Nancy - Nice find. One thing I found while testing that, is that it only seems to work if there is a part entry. Selecting the Prod Group on an OTF order line (MTO or BTO), doesn’t seem to change the “From” values on the release.

It was wishful thinking, but there isn’t a similar setting on Part Class (the materials countrer part to sale’s Prd Grp)

Hi Calvin,

I was unaware of the behavior with on the fly parts. That’s too bad. I guess it’s not that surprising since the defaults on the part all seem to load up on first entry of part number, where Product group comes from part master and release is made automatically. I tried to get the prod group in before save but it does not give me my prod group sales site…same as you.