Multiple Time Entries on same Job Op

We have a job where we need to put multiple time entries over multiple days on the same operation in a job, but it won’t let us select the same serial number if we try to do another entry for the same operation.
Hopefully you guys have some ideas.


Are you completing the qty when recording Time Entry? If not then you should be able to record against same operations multiple days.

I agree with Arul; it sounds like they are entering a completed quantity. They should only enter the quantity that are ready for the next operation (i.e. no more work in the current operation). I’ve seen this at various clients when the operator is working from a Job Traveler and is inputting the full operation quantity every time.

If I don’t put in a Labor Quantity then I cant select a serial number to assign the cost of the labor to?
Do I just not select a Serial Number?

Enter the Labour Quantity when the operations actually completes…

I understand that, but does it cause a problem with operations that require a serial number?
Or would it actually assign the cost of the labor to the serial number?