My Organization's Kinetic Search resets the dropdown history tree every time. Can I keep the history?

Hello, I’m new to Epicor and I understand that there are many flexible features that could accomplish this task in my organization’s configuration of Kinetic. But on the hopes that this will make my life significantly easier, I present this:

Every time I click the “Part…” button, perform a flexible search, and select a result, the dropdown that I’m calling a ‘history tree’ resets. On the other hand, if I enter a verbatim search directly into the field next to the “part…” box, the dropdown adds my searches into a useful history. I want to keep this history after I perform a flexible search, and I was wondering if anyone can help me customize this!

I don’t know what you mean by history tree. Are you talking about when you go to File >Recents and you can see/retrieve the parts you previously accessed or something else? In my version, the part gets added to the recents list under the File menu item no matter how I search for it.

Whether you are talking about File>Recents or something else, you are going to lose the functionality when you move to the kinetic UI anyway so imo its not worth trying to customize a solution. Losing previously accessed records history in kinetic is a pain point that I am hoping Epicor will address at some point. You could vote for this idea to express your interest.