Need help to create on BPM

We want to create a BPM for Warehouse Bin level Warnings.

BPM will be as follows:

Some selected Warehouse Bins (Need to create a checkbox to identify those selected bins), system will show warning if we add multiple SKUs in the same BIN locations. Those selected bin (Where checkbox is checked) can hold only one SKU.

It will show a warning message that BIN# “A-123-02” already have “X” pieces of “ABCD” SKU, please make “ABCD” qty zero to load different SKU or select different BIN.

@Jainal - the first thing you need to work out is when you want the message to come up. For instance, when a user selects the bin to do a transfer to in Inventory Transfer, or receipt, to let them know before they save (Method Directive) or do you want the system to check every time there is a change to the bin quantities (Data Directive)?
For the Method Directive, it is often best to capture a trace when performing the actions you want to limit and create the method directive against one of the methods being called.
For Data Directive, the table you probably want is PartBin.
WhseBin is the table that holds the bin definition.

Thanks Andrew,
We want to use it in Method Directive. When inventory is transferred, not in Data Directive.
Message should popup when there is already a different item on that particular bin.

Like @AndrewM said, do the process manually with trace enabled (close the sys monitor before enabling the trace to avoid its trace packets). You’ll be able to see the BO’s and the methods called, as well as the data that moves in and out of the BPM.

Your BPM would then include a condition to test if the targeted bin has some other SKU in it. If so, raise and exception with the message you had in your original post.

Not knowing the BPM capabilities in E9, I’d be guessing at the condition’s logic. But in E10, it could be “the designed query returns not more than 1 row”. And the query would fetch the partbin records with the target Partnum, Bin and not the target SKU. If none are returned, then that bin doesn’t have conflicting SKU’s in it.