Need help with a "Job" function

Good Evening All,

I am looking for some help - what I am trying to do is “Create” a job to do the following…

Take a Finished Item and create a job to add custom label to the finished item.


How ? When? Where? Why? What have you done so far? What will be the trigger? Who will provide the job details?


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you…

What I am trying to do is take an item that has been manufactured and in our FG Warehouse. And create a Job to add an extra Custom label to this item.

The reason behind this is to consume the label from stock and track it in a JOB

You can just go to quick job enter the part number his generate job
Then go to job entry and use get details to pull in the bom if it exists otherwise you would just add a single operation and two materials to the bom
The original part and the label.

You will need to create a new finished good part to differentiate between the labeled part and the un labeled one

Then you would issue materials and start production

Thank you for getting back to me - I will try that and will be back to you soon…