Need help with getting Project GL Postings by month and account

I need your help in setting up a BAQ to show revenue and expenses recognized by month in a project. The BAQ would need to show what the amounts posted by account are to each project. I am using tables “ProjPhase”, “ProjCstHistory” and “ProjPhCstHist”. While I am able to show what the total revenue and expenses are in a project, these tables only give me the total amounts recognized to date. But what I need to something like
Project XXX RevRec Jan 2022 = $10,000
Project XXX (same project) Feb 2022 RevRec = $10,000.

Using the tables I mentioned above, all I get is Project XXX RevRec = $20,000 as of Feb 2022

I tried using the TranGLC table, but I find there is a bunch of transactional data missing from there.

This is the query as I have it so far:
[ProjPhase].[Company] as [ProjPhase_Company],
[ProjPhase].[ProjectID] as [ProjPhase_ProjectID],
[ProjPhase].[PhaseID] as [ProjPhase_PhaseID],
[ProjPhase].[Description] as [ProjPhase_Description],
[ProjPhase].[RevMethod] as [ProjPhase_RevMethod],
[ProjPhase].[BillingToDate] as [ProjPhase_BillingToDate],
[ProjPhase].[OrderNum] as [ProjPhase_OrderNum],
[ProjPhase].[OrderLine] as [ProjPhase_OrderLine],
[ProjPhase].[WasRecInvoiced] as [ProjPhase_WasRecInvoiced],
[ProjPhCstHist].[RevenueAmt] as [ProjPhCstHist_RevenueAmt],
[ProjPhCstHist].[HistoryDate] as [ProjPhCstHist_HistoryDate]
from Erp.ProjPhase as ProjPhase
left outer join Erp.ProjCstHistory as ProjCstHistory on
ProjPhase.Company = ProjCstHistory.Company
and ProjPhase.ProjectID = ProjCstHistory.ProjectID
left outer join Erp.ProjPhCstHist as ProjPhCstHist on
ProjPhase.Company = ProjPhCstHist.Company
and ProjPhase.ProjectID = ProjPhCstHist.ProjectID
and ProjPhase.PhaseID = ProjPhCstHist.PhaseID

Thanks in Advance

First of all, welcome Stan!

You are correct. The amounts in the ProjPhase, … represent the amounts at the time of the last Build Project Analysis - and you can save multiple versions of those too.

To do what you want, you basically have to go the source transactions like the roll-up does: PartTran for material transactions, LaborHed/LaborDtl for labor, etc.

And if you have the the Advance Project Management module by Precise, you’ll need to check GL Postings as well.