Need Invoice not to generate upon shipment

Hi. We are a capital equipment manufacture and are using deposit invoices for a down-payment, pre-ship, and final billing. For business reasons, we cannot use advanced line billing. Most time the deposit billing works well. The logic in Epicor is such that it looks at the dollar amount of the deposits and then amount of the equipment shipping. If the equipment value is greater, an invoice will generate for the difference automatically. We have instances where the final billing is not due until the machine is accepted in the customer’s facility or when the equipment reaches the destination port, or other business arrangements. In those instances, we do not want an invoice to generate. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can prevent the invoice from generating or other changes to the process that could be made in order not to generate an invoice for that final billing when business needs dictate?

Do you have the Project billing module?

Brad Boes

We are in the same space Laura. Are you a Projects User? Do you have the Projects Billing module as well?

We are looking at “Fixed Fee with Measured Works” billing out of the Project to see if we can handle this better. Invoicing seems to be completely unrelated to shipping for many of our projects. Heck, we can get a PO, Invoice, and cash before the work even begins sometimes! (Great work if you can get it BTW).

Mark W.

Thank you both. We do have projects and project billing. I will look at that module. Currently, we have a lot of people who have access to projects, but I’ll take a look and if I can make it work for us, I’ll cross that bridge later.
Thank you again!