Need Sales Report or BAQ of Monthly Sales


Does anyone know if there is a standard report to get a monthly sales report of how many of a product we sold for the month?
If not has anyone written a BAQ to do this?

Search the site. I posted the BAQ for this a while back. You can modify it to get monthly totals.

Vinay Kamboj

Dear Stuart,

Our company was the same requirement. I have created one baq. Please find the attachment if it helps you.


Have you already tried the Sales Gross Margin and/or Sales Analysis?
Located in Financial Mgmt --> Accounts Receivable --> Reports

Otherwise, when I have needed custom views, I try to make sure the amounts shown will match with those standard reports… or at least know that I can explain why they diverge when I’m asked.

Thanks for the BAQ, one quick question, when I installed it and tried to run it I get an error on the Erp.Customer_UD table. That table doesn’t exist in my version 10.5. Any idea what table it would be and what fields you are using in the query?

Dear Stuart,

I have removed the UD column from above baq. Please find the attachment of updated baq.


Thanks that works great.