Need to create an event to call the BAQ Parameter slide out

In some of the classic versions there are Advanced Search trackers that we have customized to have to and from dates.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 152221

Unfortunately moving these to a kinetic view breaks the To and From date search as it only brings over a single date selector. In a lot of circumstances we need to be able to narrow down things by a date range.

The work around was to go into the BAQ and define parameters DateTo and DateFrom then add them to SubQuery Criteria. Having done this creates a slide out page that is triggered when you expand a grid that is powered by that BAQ. Which works as intended and now we can search by a date range again. The issue that this solution creates is that now Advanced Search fields are in a separate slide out, in the overflow, and the date range is in its own BAQ Parameter slide out. So in order to get everything together was to take all the Advanced Search tracker fields and make them BAQ parameters that are then added to SubQuery Criteria as well and then delete the old Advanced Search Tracker so that only the BAQ Parameters are used for searching. Here’s what the BAQ Parameter slide out looks like:

This slide out only seems to be called when the grid is either expanded or refreshed. I need to be able to call this slide out with some kind of event like a button push. I don’t like having this set to slide out with refresh or closing/expanding as it clears the form of search criteria which becomes a PIA when users have to keep re-entering long part numbers and customer ID’s etc. I have not been able to locate any events that trigger this slide out inside app studio. Any ideas?

The button is already there to bring the filter panel back out.
Alternatively, you can make your own panel and copy pasta the controls from the slide out to a panel that’s always expanded akin to the classic view.

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I see the search button within over flow, which expands to show this slide out:

When I add parameters to the BAQ which are then made into SubQuery Criteria, somewhere Epicor creates another slide out panel that is called when the grid view reaches out to the BAQ, in this instance it is when the grid view is expanded. This is that slide out:

I can’t add, or don’t know how to add, the “ShipToDate” and “ShipFromDate” controls to the original search button slide out as those controls are parameters created within the BAQ. There are no events that I am aware of within the application in App Studio that call this “BAQ Parameters” slide out or even let me view it/edit it. The only way to edit it that I have found is from within the BAQ. I thought if I could find this event I could then just rebind it somewhere or change the event in some manner to be able to call it like you can with the search button in the over flow.

Go to the Application Map tab and edit the one called THCustomerShipmentsTracker_0_1 (or something. Should be the _1 variation).

Rename ship date to “ShipToDate” then go to Data and change the EpBinding to THCustomerShipmentsTracker_0_1.ShipHead_ShipToDate (again, modify everything before ShipToDate in that string to match what yours actually is). Add a new date field and name it “ShipFromDate” and set the EpBinding to THCustomerShipmentsTracker_0_1.ShipHead_ShipFromDate.
Go back to the Application Map and edit THCustomerShipmentsTracker_0_0 (I’m guessing on the actual names here, but it should be _0_0).

Expand the panel. Click the grid. Go to Properties > Data > Grid Model > Provider Model > BAQ Options > Where List.

Click the drop down and find your ShipHead_ShipDate and change the Condition to be >= and change the value from ??{THCustomerShipmentsTracker_0_1.ShipHead_ShipDate} to be ??{THCustomerShipmentsTracker_0_1.ShipHead_ShipFromDate}.
Click the plus to add a new one. Set the column to ShipHead_ShipDate, the condition to <= and the value to ??{THCustomerShipmentsTracker_0_1.ShipHead_ShipToDate}