Negative balance on serialized part


I’m new to this great forum. We enabled the serial enabled part but it went to negative balance in specific warehouse. I understand serialized part wont go into negative balance. May i know to find the root-cause of this issue? I check in the part transaction history table as well.

Hi Senthil,

The part transaction history tracker should show the transaction that has caused your negative on hand balance. I would start there… use a test database, simulate same transaction (use change log to see exactly what user was doing) with same number on hand and see if can make it happen again. In other words, try to reproduce your problem. Also, is there any chance you were negative already and then someone switched serial tracking on?


Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your help. It happened only for one warehouse. I quickly checked in the part transaction history tracker “running total” it wasnt show 0.


Answer : No

Where do you see that you have a negative balance in a specific warehouse?

Part Tracker and Stock status report

Take a look at the PartBin and PartWhse data for the part number. Do they agree and both show negative?

Thanks for your support Nancy. you mean to say to look in the backend DB?


Do you have any idea of what transactions are being done on part normally that might’ve made it go negative? I have tried to ship a sales order with an extra serialized part that I don’t have and get message below… so no go on negative for sales order error. Also, I have tried to issue an extra serialized part that I don’t have on a job and get second screenshot below, so no go on negative for extra material issued to job error.

This makes me think that you have a problem with count being off (e.g., partbin and partwhse data not in agreement) rather than actually having a negative 1 QOH. (I am on 10.1.600.20)

Maybe try and run System Mgmt / Upgrade-Mass Regeneration / Refresh Part Quantities and allocations to see if it fixes it?


I tried Refresh Part Quantities and allocations as well but still same issue. its weird and i wonder this part is FIFO Layer enabled. I fail to understand how system allowed the negative balance for FIFO costed part.

I showed below the Part Transaction History Tracker

Perhaps, this is a bug. I cannot process quantity adjustment also because its a serialized part and need a serial number which we dint have