Negative Job Adjustment Cost Not Allowed


I need to adjust the job labor cost by a negative amount. I thought I had done this through a job adjustment as in the example below, but it’s not letting me complete the transaction.

Is there another place to do this? A setting I can’t find?



The error seems to imply that you are trying to remove more money than is available. Have you tried doing the adjustment without a cost entered?

To @jkane’s point it looks like the op has 1.54 hours, but 0 for labor and burden costs. I would at all of the labordtl records for this job if somewhere it has $100 you want to remove.

Ah, this all makes sense.

We’re not posting the standard labor and burden numbers. There are about 20 non-quantity-bearing parts with labor, burden, and material accruals in a phantom part that post costs via material and material burden.

Where’s that drawing board?



I would look in job Tracker Costs for a clue and JobAsmbl for where they stuffed the costs. For us the lower level built in house subs show in the TLAMfgComp variables, so I am wondering if they also use those for phantom costs.