Negative material adjustment - accurate material co st

Hey Lee,

I had a similar problem with this job material adjustment. We had an error
in labor entry that was caught the same day it occurred but the average
costed, backflushed job material changed cost sometime in between, well to
make a long story short I needed to adjust the material cost for the job. I
could adjust the extended (total) cost but could not change the unit cost.
The unit cost is what the job used to make its entries, thus the job
material adjustment did NOTHING. Explain to me how you can adjust the total
cost but not adjust what the buckets the system uses to calculate its total?
If qty used * unit cost = total cost the calculation would not be true
unless you adjusted unit cost as well.

Vantage tech could not see the problem with this and just told me this was
to be expected with average costing. I say if average costing is not going
to be better programmed into the system to allow for problems such as this
then it shouldn't be an option in the system. The labor transaction should
have used the same unit cost that it did when the transaction first
occurred, since it was an adjustment and not a new transaction. There needs
to be a link between the part trans and the labor detail associated with the
backflush. Any time a labor detail record is changed to reflect an error,
the system must back the original transaction out completely and accurately.
Since the error may not be caught right away it must use the cost from the
day the transaction initially occurred and NOT the current average cost.

I talked to Brenda as well, sounds like you got a better answer. I think
there are real flaws in the design of this adjustment and the whole job
adjustment overall. I asked her to enter a change request regarding my
problem but haven't received confirmation that it was done. If I can help
let me know.


Darren Mann
Miller Products Co.

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Looking for support in getting this problem resolved -- there is strength in
numbers! ;)

"This is a known issue - please see document below."
Brenda DeLong
Page ID 5799MPS
Click on cost button, does not reflect change.
Adding up the costs where the adjustment was made the costs are different
from what shows on the job.
Steps to duplicate:
1. create job
2. add costs to job
3. ship
4. close job
5. receive AP invoice
6. Cost was lower than PO
7. Reopen Job
8. Make an adjustment to Job material
9. Close Job
Material Cost breakdown does not appear to be correct - job cost does not
appear to be correct.
On the Production Detail Report, the total material quantity is correct, but
the material cost breakdown does not include the ADJ-MTL transaction. The
ADJ-MTL transaction was made with a quantity of 0, a unit cost of 0, and a
negative extended cost.
SCR 2654
Cairo SCR 1773 changed Job Material Adjustment (jc/jce30-ma.w) to reconcile
unit costs with the adjustjment's extended cost, to avoid numerical
discrepancies. This works well except when there is no change in quantity.
If the quantity is 0, the unit cost fields should be the cost breakdown of
the extended cost, as if the quantity were 1.
Version 5.00.326 (we're on 5.00.333)

Support recommends the following procedure for negative material

The situation is as follows: Making a negative material adjustment
Job Material
Material Adjustment
Extended Amount entered as a negative number ($xx,xxx.xx)
with a zero (0) unitprice.
but the negative is not calculated as a negative in the Production Detail

What happens:
Job Tracker Material cost is overstated...
WIP Reconciliation and GL Postings are affected (inaccurate)...
Production Detail Report - material cost breakdown is overstated...

First: as of last week we were the 4th company to report this problem and
are looking for others to voice their concern.
Second: has anyone developed a means to accurately state material cost in
jobcost reporting??
I'm using the JobAsmbl table to calculate:
LaborCost = TLALaborCost + LLALaborCost
BurdenCost = TLABurdenCost + LLABurdenCost
MaterialCost = TLAMaterialCost + LLAMaterialCost
SubcontractCost = TLCSubcontractCost + LLASubcontractCost
need to account for the negative ExtendedCost from PartTran in my
materialcost calc.

Any feedback or ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Regards, Lee

E. Lee Ingalls III
Commercial Tool & Die Inc.
(p)616.785.8100 (f)616.785.8120
Fortitudine Vincimus: "by Endurance we conquer."

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