Negative quantity

Hi Team i have noticed that the Available Qty @ sales order level is showing negative value (diff from line level {-2} & release level {-7})
But @ part class level for negative qty is set as Stop
Any inputs why it is showing negative qty?

it isn’t saying you have negative on hand (which is what the PartClass stops)… it is saying that you have -2 AVAILABLE, which means that you have PROJECTED usage greater than the qty on hand. Your quanity on this screen is still positive. Not totally sure why the release shows different than the line, except that maybe the line is the total in the SITE, but the release is the total for the chosen warehouse on that release. Check the Time Phase.

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Also, be aware that even though you have Part Class negative quantity action set as Stop, it isn’t always honoured…!

The example I always remember is with material issued via back-flushing - it continues to back-flush even when not sufficient quantity, ignoring the Part Class setting.