Net TCP traffic-is it encrypted?

I’m getting myself all confused here, but hopefully this is an easy answer.

We are in an “on-prem” configuration with our servers hosted in a public cloud. We manage the environment from the OS level up, but the msp manages the hypervisor level and and below.

We deploy a copy of the environment client files to each users machine and we have the net.tcp endpoint binding set to Windows, which enables us to use a single sign on approach.

Is Net.TCP traffic encrypted? I was reading a little about it and it sounds like if Windows auth is used, the WCF services (that epicor is utilizing) are encrypting the data by default, but I am not 100 percent sure.

Forgot to mention, this is all within a single domain, if that helps

yes it is encrypted.

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I was hoping you would answer :slight_smile:Thank you! I can check that off my list now

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