Network printers disappearing in Win98

I had the same thing happen only once on a couple of machines. Like you, I
rebooted and they all came back and never dissapeared again. FYI I upgraded
all our machines 30 pc's to windows 2000 (about 20) and the rest windows NT
SP6a. By far a much better OS for Networking

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Subject: [Vantage] Network printers disappearing in Win98

We upgraded a number of workstation to Windows 98 last week and some
workstations are "losing" their network printers. The usual scenario
is this; I'll get a call from someone saying they can not print to
one of the networked HP Laser Jet 4000's. When I look in their
Printers Folder, it is empty.

Once the system is rebooted, all the printers are connected and
everything works fine. I have had this same exact problem on other
networks with the same specs, WinNT servers, Win98 workstation, HP
JetAdmin print serving software and networked HP Laser Jets.

Any insight on this one would help.


Erik Smalley
IT Manager
Milford Enterprises Inc.

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