NEVUG meeting December 6 - both in person and over WebX!

Hi everyone-

We'll be having a NEVUG and Regional EUG meeting for all Epicor products
in the Burlington/Marlboro MA area on Tuesday,

December 6. Here's the agenda:

-Progress 'Mini Database Tuning' & overview of Progress
offerings - a technical person from Progress will give an overview of
performance enhancing tips and offerings they have for training in their

-Service Connect - probably the best new product announced
at Perspectives is this module, which allows 'mapping' of external data
directly to Vantage tables. Similar to an EDI translator, this allows
users to map fields from a spreadsheet for instance, directly into sales
order cool is that??? An Epicor rep will demonstrate this
program for us.

-Perspectives wrapup & feedback for next time - our
Northeast Group was well represented in Las Vegas, and even though we
all had to come back to work afterward (no millionaires this time...)
we'll present a synopsis of what happened, current status of Vantage
from the Forum etc.

-6.1 - 8.0 transition - Ben Nixon, the God of database
conversions, and a veteran of this particular transition will be on hand
to present the path he currently suggests we take, and tell some war
stories. If you're thinking of making this transition, you should
definitely take advantage of the fact that God will be on site with

For non Vantage users, especially those who may be
transitioning, this will be an excellent time to find out more about
Progress, if you're not already on Progress, and get a flavor for lots
of technical issues.

I am looking for other programming suggestions for the non
Vantage attendees, since our afternoon session is typically a roundtable
discussion. I'm trying to get a Chrystal person to attend and put on a
session on their products.

This session will also be available over WebX for users who
can't be there in person, or are not in our area. Please respond and
let me know if you'd like to attend over WebX.

Please email jglaze@... asap to let me know you're attending,
so I can get properly sized rooms for this event!!!!

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