New Customer Experience person at Epicor

There’s a new Customer Experience contact at Epicor who is soliciting input. He’s not looking for product enhancements, bug requests, etc. He’s more interested in the interaction of Epicor and their customers. What do you like about working with the people at Epicor (sales, support, development, etc) and what improvements would you suggest? Things like that.

His name is Chris Warticki and he worked for Oracle for 20 years ( and now he is with Epicor. His email address is and you can follow him on Twitter @ cwarticki

Mark W.


He’s good but be gentle. We are already filling him via a fire hose. He’s been great trying to reach out to customers and not just go thru old patterns.


He’s here too @cwarticki :slight_smile:

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Oh my, yes. His motto is “I love customers”, please don’t change his mind!


A year later! Well Done: