New Epicor Community

Epicor started their own community it seems. Just noticed the tab in EpicCare today. Apparently, they were missing out on all the fun over here.

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The MySpace, to’s Facebook :wink:


I don’t think that’s quite ready yet. Most of the links kinda don’t do much

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Single Largest Interactive Community Dedicated To Our Products

What metric did they use to measure this?


Yea I don’t think it’s ready for prime time.

This was the first thing I saw and thought “???”.

@ckrusen Nailed it.

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Everyone who has an EpicCare account is a member automatically so I guess that makes it the largest? IDK…
Its inside service now maybe it’ll work its def not ready for prime time yet.

Is that like the IRS saying they are the largest source of support for your tax questions? I mean there are CPAs, but the IRS has all of our information…
Sorry, I never like marketing claims…