New Fields for Maintenance Job Report

I’ve added a couple fields to the JobOper table. I’ve been able to put there fields onto most of my job travelers with the exception of the Maintenance Job Report which looks like a traveler, but is slightly different and uses a different RDD. I’ve duplicated the RDD that it uses and set ensured that the fields are not listed as being excluded. The problem I seem to be having is that while the JobOper table is listed in the report data definition, it is not pulled into the SSRS report. Is there a step I’m missing or a trick to get this table to show up as a dataset in the report builder?

I would recommend a BAQ report, it gives you a lot more flexibility.

While a BAQ report does give a lot more flexibility, that won’t accomplish my goal here. The goal is for the person who creates our maintenance jobs to be able to input a job and then print the traveler from that screen without having to exit out and go into another screen in order to print off the traveler. If there’s no way to add the fields to the existing report, I’ll have to look into coding a button to go print a different report from this screen. I was hoping to avoid having to go that route as it seems like a lot of extra work for something that seems like it should be simple from here. But alas, in my Epicor experience I have found numerous “can’t get there from here” scenarios in which a work around has to be created, just hoping in this case the work around isn’t my only option.

Did you run the Sync Dataset with the new RDD in the report style?

No. I’m very wary of pressing that button after reading numerous posts on these forums to never hit that button.

If you’re using a sandbox environment, worst case scenario you can re sync the dateset from live. Keeping in mind to backup all customization’s, BAQs, BPMs, etc. as a best practice.

I’ve seen the warning and always do it in a test system. Then I use that data manually update the live report query and fields.

When you manually update the live report query and fields, are you simply copying and pasting the code in report builder or are you manually updating it in Epicor and if so, where? Not understanding how you are getting the data from test to live without then hitting the button on live.

In the report builder expression and fields.

After much reluctance I finally pressed the Sync Dataset button (on Test). It did not break my system and no backup needed restored. I then created the report using this data and the fields that I needed were there. I copied and pasted it to my live version and it errored.

For some reason, even though they were not being used at all, every UD field that I had added on Test was pulled in and on Live, many of those variables don’t exist as they haven’t made it yet or never will make it to Live.

I went into Report Builder and looked at the query information there and was able to update it by removing all the references to those fields. I then reuploaded it to Live. Everything works.