New GL Control Code is missing from Supplier Context

Hello all,

Just when I thought I had a working understanding of GL control codes…this happens. :grimacing:

Our accountant just created a new GL account for “Purchased Components”, which we want to be available under Control Type = “Supplier”.

Here is the account segment:

Here is the GL Account:


Here is the setup of the “Supplier” Control Type:

But when I try to access this code from Control Code Maintenance, 00-00-6012 is not available:

Code 00-00-6011 (Tooling Cost of sales) appears to be set up exactly the same way and it appears in code list.

Can anyone give me any guidance on what I’m missing? I tried to create a new code from Control Code Maintenance but it didnt seem to recognize my existing GL account and I couldn’t fill in the account context info:



You have to create the GLControl. It looks like your predecessors just used the GL Acct as the GLC Code.

In GL Control Maint, select Supplier as the Type, then New -> GL Control.

Thank you!

What threw me when I initially tried to create the new control was that the “Account” tab was unavailable until after the control is saved but it looks like I have it set up properly now.

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