New grid rows to top instead of bottom of grid?

Is there a way to force new grid rows to the top?

We have some price lists that have thousands of parts in the list and when needing to add a new part the user clicks on New on the parts grid, it adds the new row to the bottom of the list (image one) requiring the user to scroll through all the existing parts to get to the new row.

Work arounds: Paste Insert or have the user click on “Part” to resort the list even though it’s already sorted by PartNum (image two).

You can do an “after event” and call the grid-sort-set widget.
I briefly tested with an After Update event and it works, but you may need to adjust to suit your needs.

Thanks Bat-woman I’ll give her a shot.

Alternatively, you can use the detail screen and forego the grid altogether?

Alternative to the alternative–add some fields at the top of the grid and populate from there instead of the list.

For our user this works here.

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