New Implementation, transaction locking part numbers, UoM and UoM Class

New SaaS implementation in progress. Just yesterday we did a reset on our test environment (THIRD) from our PILOT. One of the things we knew was messy in our test was our UoM Classes. Since our reset I decided to clean up some of the UoM stuff and found there was a material assigned, so decided to clean up material but UH OH… Transactions GASP which we were told were a big No-No because they never go away and lock stuff like UoM and Part Numbers…
So here I am with two $0 odd transactions (ADJ-CST), not sure where they happened and now I have two part numbers we were not planning to keep and a UoM and UoM Class I am not particularly fond of.
Does anyone know if I can clear this up? Or will we need to have them totally wipe our instance Or Pay to have transactions removed?!?!
Thanks in advance.
PS Love that I found this place, I intended to be more active here but with an implementation and normal duties it is harder than I expected to stay connected.

You could ask support for a data fix that would move the parttran records to another part that you were keeping since they are zero cost.