New inventory bug

Anyone using NON-NETTABLE bins take note...

Please reference call # 635462MPS if you have any additional questions
this issue.

Hi Joe,

Here is the document that we spoke about.

Please reference call # 635836MPS if you have any additional questions
this issue.

Non-nettable bins are being treated inconsistently when calculating
and available quantity in different programs.

In 4.00.614 I've found the following:

1. I set up 2 parts, NoNetMfg (stocked/mfg) and NoNetPurch
(stocked/purchased). I did quantity adjustments on both parts to put 5
of each into a non-nettable bin location.

2. Timephase report and browser correctly show zero on-hand for both

3. Main part master maintenance screen correctly shows zero on-hand and

4. Clicking on the inv/purch button and selecting the mpls plant shows 5
on-hand and 5 available.

5. If I go to enter a sales order for NoNetMfg,shows that I have 5
and 5 available.

6. If I update NoNetPurch (purchased/stocked) and put a minimum on-hand
of 5 pcs and generate suggestions, no suggestion will be generated. If I
bump the minimum up to 10 pcs and rerun po suggestions, I get a po
suggestion for 5 pcs. PO suggestions are therefore including the
non-nettable quantity when determining whether to generate a suggestion
what the suggestion quantity should be . 10 (minimum on-hand) - 5 (qty
nonnettable bin) = 5.

Planned for a future 4.00 patch.

---------------Axl Problem Description---------------

When the Morocco Quality module created and implemented a procedure to
quantity, excluding non-nettable bins, it missed a few places:

-- Manufacturing Link Maintenance
-- Material Requirements Report
-- MRP (includes PO suggestions)
-- used by Part Maintenance and Part Tracker
part-plant screens.

The procedure should be used in these programs as well.