New PO Suggestion fix - deleting expired Price Lists

One of several issues we had after the 10.1 upgrade ( from 10.007 ) was the New PO Suggestion screen.

When first opened, this screen pulls the Price information from the current Price List for the Supplier.

The issue arises if a Supplier has more than one Price List - one current, and at least one expired. For a Supplier with more than one Price List, when a change is made to the Quantity, the New PO Suggestion screen pulls the Price from an expired Price List. This is behavior which occurs with the Base UI Form and Customizations.

Through a Support Call, Epicor stated that this has been an issue since 10.007.4, and a fix is apparently in place for 10.1.5. Until then, their recommendation is to delete all expired Price Lists from our environment.

Purchasing was not pleased with this suggestion. They’d need to maintain these deleted lists outside of Epicor for reference until we could bring the lists back into Epicor.

Has anyone else run into this issue, and if so, have you found a workaround other than deleting the expired Price Lists ?

I would tell Epicor support that their upgrade has broken something that was working and that they need to make it work the way it used to. If they have fixed it in 10.1.5 then they already have it. Their suggestion to not use the functionality at all is ridiculous IMO.


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Interesting coincidence; I just emailed Epicor support less than five minutes ago on another issue in which they recommended an adjustment to our cache which, as they stated, is for an unrelated issue and doesn’t address the error for which I opened the case.

Frustrating to have to pay Epicor for the privilege of Beta-testing their software, but that’s what we’re stuck with.

I’ve been working on Epicor for only four months, but talking with users who have been through several upgrades here, it’s just a given that Epicor upgrades include fixes for things broken by previous upgrades, and just as surely introduce new breaks of other things. We then get to wait for fixes in another later upgrade, which will also give us a new set of broken items to deal with.

Looking on the bright side, it’s job security for us programmers…


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