New PO Suggestion Row Highlight

I am currently using three different Row Rules to highlight a row on New PO Suggestions if:

  1. The part description contains a sequence of characters
  2. The Vendor ID is not equal to a specific vendor
  3. The Class ID is a specific value

The rules are all working very well. I would like to add another Row Rule, but I am not sure how to go about it. I would like to Highlight the rows on New PO Suggestions where the part has:

  1. Multiple Approved Suppliers
  2. Has ANY Price Breaks

These fields do not exist on the New PO Suggestions material list, so how would I best go about finding this information so I could put that into a Row Rule to highlight the rows (where I feel the buyer should be doing more research)?

@BKen I do a calculation on post processing of POSugg.getrowsplant to set a field that I then use to set the row rule.