New Programming Language for the front end

I hear rumors that they are considering this language to give us coding ability on the new interface

Don’t quote me on that though :joy::joy::joy: ← probably throws a segmentation fault


I wonder if they’ll implement the functions we had in BASIC that allowed us to read and write specific memory addresses?

:eyes: :eggplant:

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The whole point of emojis, once upon a time, was that it took three whole characters to type a smiley : -) which itself was revolutionary once… and that was too painful on a phone

So why no android IDE?

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Peek and Poke?


I thought that was the error code for reading an uninitialized variable.

I’m loving this new programming language! Finally syntax that I can understand! :partying_face: :sparkles:

📦 Kittens_and_Rainbows_Simulator 🏠

🏁 🍇

🆕🐱❗️ ➡️ kitten
🆕🌈❗️ ➡️ rainbow

😀 greeting❗️ 🐽list 0❗️❗️
🐹 list❗️  

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Uh oh…

“I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled [her] with a terrible resolve”…

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I think someone is just trying to bring back APL.

Here’s an example from Wikipedia on how to sort an matrix of words based on the length of the word

X[⍋X+.≠' ';]

Here’s the keyboard for the language:

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