New Project: New GL Control Populate Fields

If I have a new Project (in Project Entry), and I open up a New GL Control, how do I get it to pre-populate the “Type” and “Control” fields, as shown?

Click on the Type search button and you will see the available GL Control type default. If you do not have a GL Control for project you will need to do an open with GL Control Code entry and add a GL Control code. Then come back into your screen and type in that Project GL Control Code or search for it using the GL Control Code search

All that clicking and searching is exactly what I’m trying to pre-empt.

What I want is for the values to be filled (i.e., “pre-populated”) upon selecting New Project GL Control from the Menu.

If you use the same Project GL Control Code for each project you could default your Project GL Control on your company configuration GL Control Codes. If it changes based on other criteria you could probably write a BPM to default the GL Control Code. The type would always be the same

Any suggestions for a BPM?