New Site Menu Item in Part Entry Calls B.O. Three Times

E10 Help Community,

When adding a new Site to a part (PartPlant), the GetList method of the Plant B.O. gets called three times in succession. Turning on the trace log with Write Full Data Set, clearing the log, then selecting New Site from the New menu produces this result…

Because the B.O. runs three times, it makes it difficult to create a functional BPM.

Any thoughts on why the B.O. runs three times on this process or how to get around this so that I can get a functional BPM working?


Michael Thompson

Well are you building it off of getlist? Or some other method

I second Aarons inquiry - Is GetList the method you are using? Unless you are trying to change the result of the GetList, this probably wouldnt be where you wanted to hang logic.

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This is a very good and logical question. The short answer is this: in cases when a part-site record is already present for every available site, GetList is the ONLY method that runs. The result is an error message that says there are no more sites available for the part. I want the BPM to intervene even when this is the case.