New User

Tight timeline can be met for implementation if each area manager is
involved from start in learning/training/practice of system. Each
area manager in our company participated in learning basics of entire
system flow. It really gives everyone a good understanding of how
their work affects the next person down the line (ex. sales order and
PO setup affect job details and eventually accounting.) Procedures
are a must. Controllers class is excellent and should be a
requirement for your financial officer. It really helps with set up
if you have a good understanding of the flow and how it hits general
ledger. Vantage one list users are fantastic source for
information...they use it every day! Good Luck!

Cheryl Mertz
Good Morning,

I am new to the Vantage User's Group. We are changing over from the Vista
product, after about 4 years. Has anyone in the group performed the data
conversion from Vista? If so, what were the challenges? I look forward to
any insight this group can offer.

Best Regards,

Pablo Garza
V.P. Operations
Dix Metals, Inc.