New Vendor report-Progress DB

I have been asked to create a BAQ that will display new vendors created since a certain date. I do not see an “Established Date” like that in Customer. Has anyone seen a field like this that would work or do I need to create a UD field?
We are on E9 (Progress) but will soon be going to E10. If there is something that will work in E10, please let me know as well.
Thank you.

If you have the change log on for the supplier master you can do a baq for
the New Record log entry.

If this log is not on then you may need to add a UD field and have the date


@rlunsf, The Supplier has a Create Date field in the database (at least in SQL; I assume the same for Progress). However, this records the date the supplier was entered into the system, and for older suppliers all of them may be set to the date the data was imported to Epicor. I would say that you’re best to do as @BoostERP suggested, and establish a UD field for this date as well as create a BPM to enter a default date that is the date the record is created.

Another alternative to the Create Date is similar to the first suggestion made by @BoostERP, and I would suggest using this for as much as possible to help users keep track of their own actions as well as report on transactions of others: turn on a change log and then learn to create queries based on it. Epicor has this great logging mechanism and it’s easy to use once you learn the highly abstracted keying mechanism.

Thank you, Jim and Brad.
I did not see the Create Date Field, but that looks like it will work for us. I just want a report of the newest vendors.
I appreciate your suggestions!

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