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I am attempting to run TimePhas.GoProcesstimePhas from a .p on UD10. I assumed that on the update of UD10 I could launch the process.

If I put the call in a bpm for UD10, then I get

TEMP-TABLE inside an internal procedure. (3355)
** E:\Epicor905\Server\bo\TimePhas\TimePhas_ds.i Could not understand line 1. (196)

If I try to call as a procedure I get mismatched parameters.

Here is what I have tried, most of my attempts are in comments.

Is there a way to run from a bpm, but send no parameters? I just want to run the program and update JobHead.

If this can't run from an unrelated bpm, then I have two other ideas that I will try.

1. I have a .NET shell that a consultant wrote that calls .p programs I think I can adapt to run this program, but it is outside of Epicor and uses Scheduler to run automatically.

2. Use a customization to call from UD10, but I am afraid that will have the same temp table issue.

The code is below.

Thanks again.

Greg Payne

/* Set Jobhead material Status */

/* {Bpm/MiscCallContext.i} */
/*{core/UserDefinedData.i "new global"}*/


define input param pPartNum as char no-undo.
define input param pPlant as char no-undo.
define input param pShowSuggestions as logical no-undo.
define input param pShowTOSuggestions as logical no-undo.


RUN bo/TimePhas/TimePhas.p PERSISTENT SET hTimePhas.

Message "DeBug in PartETA-3.p ".

For each UD10 where UD10.rowMod = 'U'.

/* For each JobHead where JobHead.company = cur-comp and JobHead.plant = cur-plant and JobHead.JobClosed = false and JobHead.JobComplete = false and JobHead.DueDate <= Today + 90. */
For each JobHead where JobHead.company = "COMP01" and JobHead.plant = "MfgSys" and JobHead.JobClosed = false and JobHead.JobComplete = false and JobHead.DueDate <= Today + 90.

define variable Material as Character no-undo initial '':U.
define variable MaterialDate as Date.
define variable RequirementDate as Date.

pShowSuggestions = no.
pShowTOSuggestions = no.
MaterialDate = today + 365.

For each Jobmtl where JobMtl.Company = JobHead.Company and JobMtl.Plant=JobHead.Plant and Jobmtl.IssuedComplete = false.

If available JobMtl Then Do:

pPartNum = JobMtl.PartNum.
pPlant = JobMtl.Plant.
RUN GoProcessTimePhase IN hTimePhas(INPUT pPartNum, pPlant, pShowSuggestions, pShowTOSuggestions,{&input-output_dataset_TimePhasDataSet}).

For each ttTimePhas where ttTimePhas.JobNum = JobMtl.JobNum and ttTimePhas.MtlSeq = JobMtl.MtlSeq.

/* {lib/PublishInfoMsg.i &InfoMsg = "' Time Phas Record ' + ttTimePhas.Partnum + ttTimePhas.JobNum + STRING(ttTimePhas.RequiredQty)"}. */
If ttTimePhas.BalanceQty < 0 then Do:
Material = Jobmtl.PartNum.
RequirementDate = ttTimePhas.DueDate.


For first ttTimePhas where ttTimePhas.DueDate > RequirementDate and ttTimePhas.RequirementFlag = false and ttTimePhas.BalanceQty > 0.
If available ttTimePhas then MaterialDate = ttTimePhas.DueDate.




Assign JobHead.Character03 = Material
JobHead.Date03 = MaterialDate.


Delete procedure hTimePhas.


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