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We are on 5.0 and hopefully will be going to 6.0, however this is a
constant problem and there does not seem to be a rhyme or reason why.
It will just happen. It sometimes occurs when I am printing a job,
sometimes when I am printing a purchase order/sales order or whatever.
It sometimes happens the first printing session in the a.m and then it
may occur several times in a row.

have been having some odd printing issues with Vantage as of late.

At various times during the day and not everyday certain users are

ungracefully logged out of Vantage or kicked out when attempting to

print. I have reinstalled the Vantage client on the machines in

question and attached the users in question to different printers, but

the problem persists. However, there doesn't appear to be an issue

with other applications such as Mail (exchange), etc. Short of re-

wiring has anyone from the group experienced such an issue?

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