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We are on Vantage 5.0.337 and encountering problems adding new tables
to a custom job traveler using Crystal v8. The errors are as follows:

Your current link configuration contains multiple starting points.
Please be advised that this is generally not supported.

More than one database driver has been used in this report. If you
want to change the database drivers, use Database/Convert
Database Drivers.
Also, please make sure that no SQL expression is added and no
group-by is performed.

Also, when I try to link the key fields of the new tables with the
existing ones, I get "this is not a key field" even though they are
all indexed fields.

When we were at Vantage 5.0.325, I was able to add new tables without
getting all these errors. However, I did need to load the full
version of Crystal reports on each workstation viewing the traveler
in order to resolve the error 599 issue.

Now, I am getting error 599 even on the workstations with the full
version of Crystal. There were times when I was able to view the
traveler after adding a field from the new table, but the printout
was screwed up and some detail lines were printing out of sequence.

I did see some of the past messages on ODBC errors but I believe my
situation is a little different. I am using the Merant 3.60 SQL92
v9.1A driver and was told by technical support there may be a new
patch for this and that I should also consider ugrading Progress to

I would welcome anyone's advice or comments on this.


Brent O'Donnell